Portland Squared 2018, Winner of "Urban Landscape"

This weekend was spent competing in PDX Squared 2018, a photography competition that has 72 photographers competing for the win in 7 categories.  You pick out of a bucket a piece of paper that has a number on it.  That number coincides with a square area of Portland Oregon.  You have 24 hours to photograph, edit and submit 5 images to be judged against the other photographers images.  I have been attending this competition for 3 years and came close last year to a win but sadly it didn't happen.  This year it happened!  I submitted 2 images to the category "Urban Landscape".  Its a difficult category as it has to be man made in its environment and the most competitive.  the wording is strange and its hard to pin point exactly what the judges wanted but i submitted my two images with hope and anticipation.  The first image was kicked, not sure why but it did't make the cut.  The second image was of 3 cars under car covers inside a garage at night lit by a neon sign that said "Used Cars".  This one the judges liked but one didn't know if it fit the category.  in the second round the battle lines were drawn, 2 judges wanted it to be the winner but it took some convincing and re-reading of the categories, more discussion, some comments from the other photographers and in the end it was finally the winner.  I was so elated, i came this close to crying.  3 years of learning my camera, 3 years of working on composition and style, worth every minute!  I cannot thank Pro Photo Supply, ASMP of Oregon, the judges and my pod leader Erica.  Without them, this competition would not happen.  I cannot wait until next year!


Spring has sprung!

Well spring is here and with spring comes road trips to the desert!  Went to Las Vegas and northern Arizona a few weeks ago, had a blast!  No it was not Las Vegas that made it fun it was the Desert and specifically the BLOOMING desert!  We have had such an incredible amount of rain in the western states that the desert is having an incredible bloom this year.  We explored and photographed ghost towns, old cars baking in the sun, cacti in bloom and enjoyed some sunshine!  It was a wonderful photographic journey and those prints are for sale on this website and also on View Bug and Fine Art America.  I had a great mother daughter photo shoot with Anne and Chloe.  We went to a cute little mining town called Jacksonville and used their wonderful old buildings as backdrops.  The growers market in Jacksonville starts on May 28th and i will be selling my prints there along with our honey!  Really excited as this will be the first time trying to peddle the prints.  Fingers crossed they are well received.  I have two images having in the Rogue Gallery and Art Center, Morning Dew on Grass and Desert Botanicals.  i love that these were the images chosen, both are macro images and both black and white.  If you get a chance there will be a reception for the showing on May 19th.  I will be at a Photography competition in Portland so i won't be there but the images will!  Only 6 months until we leave or Scotland, talk about a photographic journey!  I will have my Nikon glued to me at all time, nothing will be safe! Well, thats about all for now.  I will be posting more images from the desert trip and anything else that strikes my fancy!  chat soon!

Christmas is in the air!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and to you pagans Winter Solstice is almost here!  No matter what your celebration is, for me, this is always a magical time of year.  I love buying or making unique gifts for people.  Knitting hats, sewing quilts or in the case this year taking family pictures for my sister.  Last Saturday we all congregated at Buncom.  Buncom is a little ghost town in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon.  She managed to wrangle all her children in one location without the use of bribery.  I told you, it's a magical time of year!  Anyway, along with her wonderful children and husband was her new Grandson, Reid.  He absolutely stole the show!  You can see a couple of the images captured on the front page of the website.  It took about 45 minutes and we ended up with some fantastic images.  I'm just finishing up matting them now and will be delivering them this evening.  I really enjoy the post production part of photography, making slight lighting tweeks, choosing the perfect mat whether its single mat with an inside border or double mat with a 1/4 inch contrasting edge, I love it all.  Fingers crossed this will be one of many family picture sessions i get to be a part of.  Well, i better get back to it.  So i wish you all a very Happy Holiday season, whatever you celebration is and look forward to the new year filled with new experiences! Oh, p.s. my sister and i were able to, for the first time ever, do the dishes on Thanksgiving....my mother had to be physically removed from the kitchen but we did it! 

What are you full of thanks for?

Well Happy Thanksgiving, a couple days early.  What is it that i am thankful for this year, well always Family.  They are healthy, happy, and hilarious.  Neal and i were supposed to go on a little photographic road trip for thanksgiving this year.  The wiener dog already had his bowl packed and his favorite blanket washed and folded.  While having a quick chat with my mom she dropped the "have you been watching the weather forecast" bomb....I think mothers are genetically predisposed to this little occurrence, well lets just say mine is.   We had been planning on sleeping in our Vw bus, doing some hiking and just enjoying some quality time, but when the "you know it is going to snow, right" gets dropped in your lap, plans change.  So we are headed to the parents for a feast that you cannot imagine.  My mother is a thanksgiving martyr, she wants no help, does a lot of sighing,  and won't let her grown daughters do dishes because we don't know how to load the dishwasher properly....no i'm not kidding.  My dad will carve the 30 pound beast, my sister and i will sneak in dodging a sharp blade to swipe some crispy turkey skin.  My husband will quietly sit and watch it all shake out while everyone else will watch football, screaming and cringing when their team inevitably drops the ball.  So when i say i'm thankful for family, i truly mean it, every last one of them!  I'm bringing my camera this year and i'm going to document it all!  So to all of you, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the day and leave the blackfriday shopping to FRIDAY....Cheers!

Creating a Website, its a journey not a race.....

So i am creating a new and i feel, a very professional website.  I wanted a site that really displayed my images without clutter.  I think i found the place!  I like to watch the youtube channel Froknowsphoto.  Jared Polin is my go to guru for lenses, camera issues and just about anything photography related.  He did a little video about the biggest issue with being a professional is having a professional website.  Well i'm not going to pay someone to make one for me and i'm not alone in this.  We have beautiful images, why can't we make the website look good.  So Jared was talking about Squarespace and their very easy templates.  I thought, i'll give it a go for 14 days, what do you have to lose.  Well after getting it set up, buying my domain, getting a free logo, i'm hooked!  I got some images uploaded, put my new logo on, even have a commerce page where i can sell from.  I'm really delighted!  Hopefully when i send someone to this site they will also see what i see, beautiful images that make you feel.