Spring has sprung!

Well spring is here and with spring comes road trips to the desert!  Went to Las Vegas and northern Arizona a few weeks ago, had a blast!  No it was not Las Vegas that made it fun it was the Desert and specifically the BLOOMING desert!  We have had such an incredible amount of rain in the western states that the desert is having an incredible bloom this year.  We explored and photographed ghost towns, old cars baking in the sun, cacti in bloom and enjoyed some sunshine!  It was a wonderful photographic journey and those prints are for sale on this website and also on View Bug and Fine Art America.  I had a great mother daughter photo shoot with Anne and Chloe.  We went to a cute little mining town called Jacksonville and used their wonderful old buildings as backdrops.  The growers market in Jacksonville starts on May 28th and i will be selling my prints there along with our honey!  Really excited as this will be the first time trying to peddle the prints.  Fingers crossed they are well received.  I have two images having in the Rogue Gallery and Art Center, Morning Dew on Grass and Desert Botanicals.  i love that these were the images chosen, both are macro images and both black and white.  If you get a chance there will be a reception for the showing on May 19th.  I will be at a Photography competition in Portland so i won't be there but the images will!  Only 6 months until we leave or Scotland, talk about a photographic journey!  I will have my Nikon glued to me at all time, nothing will be safe! Well, thats about all for now.  I will be posting more images from the desert trip and anything else that strikes my fancy!  chat soon!