Summer time = Photo time! Senior Portrait Season

Here we are, smack in the second week of July and what tops my mind, Senior Portraits! It is about that time when students and their parents start thinking about their senior pictures. I really enjoy photographing kids on the cusp of a new adventure. Some are going off to college, trade schools, or are planning to take their first steps into adulthood with gainful employment. Which ever choice or path they take, its a huge step both for the seniors and their parents. I see the countdown that parents do on Facebook with their kids and the posts of them not looking forward to the kiddos leaving. This is why photography is so important during this time. Documenting the kids, the parents, siblings, it is a special time that deserves special attention. This year i’d really like to do some fun parody photos of empty nesters, i think its time to really embrace the fun side of photography with signs that say, “don’t let the door hit ya!” or the parents throwing confetti while the kid scowls in the background….Anyway, the time is here to get those appointments scheduled for senior pictures! Don’t wait too long, books fill up quickly and nobody wants to shoot pictures in the rainy season!

rebeccas senior pic.jpg