PDXSquared2019, Another winning year!

Spent last weekend up in Portland, Oregon at the PDXSQ2019 competition. Once again, an amazing weekend spent with some truly gifted artists. Thanks go to all the sponsors, organizers, ASMP Oregon for hosting the event and splash world studio for housing all of us lunatics! Happy to report that 3 of my 4 images submitted did well. Two that i submitted for Urban Landscape, made round two. 109 images to start with and 27 made round 2. Pretty stiff competition in that category. They did not go to the finish but i did get one submitted for a Craft Award for Black and White image. My 3rd image, of a Raven, was submitted for Natural World, i’m thrilled to report, came in 2nd! I loved this image the minute i saw it and to be honest it was a mistake! I was at a Taco Truck with my husband and had been doing some inside shooting and then we went to get a snack. While we were sitting there this Raven hopped over to us and i grabbed my camera and started snapping away. Well, i forgot to readjust my ISO and the pictures were completely blown out! But from that mistake came the most amazing picture, when i made some edits to the contrast it only darkened the raven’s head and some feathers…i was in love with it! Below are the 3 images that did well this year. I am super excited for next year and reconnecting with the artists that i met this year. In other news, Sunday May 26th will be the first growers market of the season in Jacksonville. I will be there selling my images, hope to see some new faces as well as our regulars. Market opens at 9 am and closes at 1:30 pm, so come on down and and meet your local artisans and craftspeople. Thanks for joining me for my latest update, see you in the Summer!

cityscape portland.jpg