What are you full of thanks for?

Well Happy Thanksgiving, a couple days early.  What is it that i am thankful for this year, well always Family.  They are healthy, happy, and hilarious.  Neal and i were supposed to go on a little photographic road trip for thanksgiving this year.  The wiener dog already had his bowl packed and his favorite blanket washed and folded.  While having a quick chat with my mom she dropped the "have you been watching the weather forecast" bomb....I think mothers are genetically predisposed to this little occurrence, well lets just say mine is.   We had been planning on sleeping in our Vw bus, doing some hiking and just enjoying some quality time, but when the "you know it is going to snow, right" gets dropped in your lap, plans change.  So we are headed to the parents for a feast that you cannot imagine.  My mother is a thanksgiving martyr, she wants no help, does a lot of sighing,  and won't let her grown daughters do dishes because we don't know how to load the dishwasher properly....no i'm not kidding.  My dad will carve the 30 pound beast, my sister and i will sneak in dodging a sharp blade to swipe some crispy turkey skin.  My husband will quietly sit and watch it all shake out while everyone else will watch football, screaming and cringing when their team inevitably drops the ball.  So when i say i'm thankful for family, i truly mean it, every last one of them!  I'm bringing my camera this year and i'm going to document it all!  So to all of you, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the day and leave the blackfriday shopping to FRIDAY....Cheers!